Throughout school the curriculum is carefully planned to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge which extends beyond the requirements of the Primary National Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum.

All children have a daily Guided reading session and, in Early Years and Infants, a daily phonics session.

Phonics is taught in ability groupings to ensure children have opportunity to develop a deep understanding of phonics and are able to apply this to their reading and spelling. Planning is based on the Letters and Sounds scheme and is supplemented with a range of resources including Phonics Bug, Phonics Play and Education City.

We use a range of reading material across the school to provide opportunity for children to develop a love of reading as well as the skills they need to become fluent readers. We use standard Book Banding to ensure children are reading at the appropriate level and making progress. Books at each band are drawn from a number of schemes and ‘free reading’ materials. These are the books children take home to enjoy reading with their family or independently.

Where possible we try to make learning a holistic experience and link learning from different subjects into a topic based approach. All subjects in the New Primary National Curriculum are covered on a two-year rolling programme to ensure coverage with mixed year group teaching.


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