School Uniform

A grey skirt / trousers / pinafore

In the summer month shorts / a red and white checked summer dress or blue and white checked summer dress can be worn

A Burgundy jumper / cardigan with or without the school logo

A light blue polo shirt, with or without the school logo

Black, grey, white or burgundy socks or tights

Black school shoes – It is essential that children wear suitable footwear for school that allows their feet adequate room and gives proper support and ventilation. For this reason, please do not send children to school wearing fashion shoes or trainers.

Jewellery – In order to ensure adequate safety standards, particularly in organised games and physical education, children should not wear jewellery, especially earrings while at school. Studs are allowed but must be removed for PE and games.


Black shorts
Plain light blue T-shirt, with or without the school logo, or a plain white T-shirt
A plain black / grey tracksuit
Trainers for outdoor P.E.
Black pumps for indoor P.E.

We have a used, good quality, 50p rack of school uniform in the entrance hall to the school.
School uniform can also be purchased from:-
S.K. School Uniforms, 44-46 Chartwell, Tamworth, Staffs. B79 7UG,
Or, online from:-

Please visit our policies page on this website to view the most recent version of our school uniform policy.