Our school uniform consists of a Maroon sweatshirt or cardigan with school badge and sky blue polo shirt with school badge.  These are available from Clothing4 Schools in Lower Gungate or online through www.mandsyourschooluniform.com and www.schooltrendsonline.com

We also have a rack in the school reception area with good quality 2nd hand uniform at very cheap prices!


They are worn with a grey skirt or trousers/shorts.  If desired, girls can wear a red/white checked dress in the summer.  Children should wear appropriate black school shoes.  


TRAINERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE except for outdoor PE lessons.


Wearing the correct school uniform gives children a greater sense of belonging and pride and reduces incidents of ‘label’ bullying and competition to have the latest fashions.


Please put your child’s name into ALL of their school uniform so that it can be returned if misplaced. It is impossible to trace the owner of unnamed items of uniform