Parent Governor Vacancy

Parent Governor Vacancy



We have one Parent Governor vacancy on our school’s Governing Board.  Parent Governors are appointed for a four year period, irrespective of whether their children remain in school during that period.


Parents who are willing to stand as a candidate for election may obtain nomination forms from the school office.  The nomination form then needs to be signed by the candidate and two other parents.  Parents of all children currently registered at the school are entitled to stand for election or to nominate others.  For these purposes ‘parent’ includes a step-parent, guardian or other persons having care of the child, or having parental responsibility.


A completed nomination form must be returned to the school no later than Thursday 29th September 2016. It would be helpful if the candidates would submit a brief statement about themselves.  This will be distributed to all parents to help them to make their decision when voting.


As soon as possible following the closing date for nominations all parents will be sent a ballot paper giving details of each of the candidates.  Parents should indicate their preference as appropriate and return the ballot paper to the school office no later than the date shown.  To comply with statutory regulations the ballot will be conducted in secret.


All candidates will be invited to attend the count although it will not be invalidated due to inability to attend.


The results of the ballot will be posted in Reception immediately following the count.