Exceptional Leave Requests



We are unable to grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.


If you feel there are Exceptional Circumstances that require your child(ren) to miss school during term time you should ask at the school office for an Exceptional Circumstance/Unauthorised Leave form, which should be  completed and sent back to school with as much notice as possible before the leave is due to take place.  We need to know when children will be absent from school for periods of time to avoid the ‘missing children’ policy being implemented.  Our Attendance Policy is available to view on the website.


Parents taking their children out of school without prior authorisation are committing an offence and could be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution.  As a school we would really like to avoid that situation, but the new regulations may leave us with no choice.  This could lead to fines of up to £1000.00 paid to the Local Authority (not to the school).


As a school we have to adhere to the Department for Education amendments in the law, strictly and fairly to ensure equality for all families.


We would advise parents/carers to think very carefully about their arrangements and ask you to plan ahead.  The Education Welfare Worker conducts an annual inspection of attendance and will look at all requests for   exceptional leave and at all absences from school.  They will issue penalty notices which will incur fines for poor attendance.